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Replace Your Garage Door Roller Easy and Fast

The dreaded squeaky garage door roller how do we fix it. See some of these guys have a bracket that’ll support the roller itself. Then the cable that’s going up to the pulley is on a completely different. One some of them the cable is attached to the same bracket for the roller. So you can’t just disconnect these bolts without you know risking damage or injury not to yourself your door your car whatever else is in here. So I’m going to show you a more natural way to do it.

How To Replace Your Garage Door Roller

A lot of times what people will do is they’ll beat these channels out to flatten them out. So that they can pull the roller out pull the deny can substantially remove the door downslide the roller out and put it in. Then you have to beat this back in. That’s all fine and dandy if you like to work 20 times harder what you need to. So if you look at your garage doors, there are two assemblies for the track all right. You have your upper rail which terminates right here, and you have your vertical rail all right so at the vertical rail. There’s a seam right. So, in general, it’s three anywhere from two to five bolts that are holding it in. You don’t most time you don’t use a flat head, but you’ve seen a fly head in a socket. I’m going to go ahead and disconnect mine and show you. How to do it but before we do me disconnect the actual garage door. So let me pull that now we can manually move the door. We’re not at risk for someone else in the house to close. The door or open the door while. So I want you to do is pull the roller down mine doesn’t squeak till gets to the bottom by the way but remove the roller down just to where it’s beneath the track, and we’re going to mark right here. So we’re going to put a bite a vice grip right on that roller. We’ve got our vice grip on that roller and what that does is it. Just lets us make sure that this isn’t going to slide down on us. When we disconnect our vertical rail that in the event of anything that this piece isn’t going to jump out of the garage door won’t go any lower than that. The channel a roller won’t slide past it. If you wanted to, you should put one on the other side, but I’ve done this so many times.
I’m not going to do will disconnect our rail here, and we’ll be good to go all right so here’s what we got to unplug if you look at the backside of this. The bolt right here is connecting this assembly there’s only one comparing it to the bracket here but this one’s loose already. So we need to tighten that anyways, and then there’s one more down here, so we’ll get all three of those disconnected we get the track pulled off and show you. How quick this will be alright we’re back as you can see we got our rail disconnected just set it off to the side. You can clean it if you want if you don’t want to don’t worry about it but we just as you can see but remember why. We did this you know as a lot of guys they’ll do it with the garage door down. They’ll beat this rail out at the bottom. So they can pull the roller out flex the door kind of like how this will flex this way they’ll flex the door pull it out. Then you got to fold it back in stick something in there a socket or something to form the metal again on. We don’t want to do all that that’s. It’s working ten times harder, and we need to so once you got that. Vertical rails disconnected pull your old roller offset it down. You have your new one pretty close. This with one hand but put your new roller back in. We’ll come up can walk away from it. I try to do. we’ll pop off our buy scripts and then we’re just going to roll this, and we’re going to make sure that we stick this push the roller in there don’t just push this guy back in the channel. We’ve done all right all we got to do. Now is put three bolts back on our vertical assembly our vertical rail and another thing to keep in mind too is before you disconnect your vertical rail. Right Now, Just and get a beer all right we got the vertical rail reassembled now all we got to do is test it out first let’s reengage the garage door. Our previous Article Prevent epoxy Flooring Peeling
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