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4 Ways You Can Repair Your Garage Door

Garage door issue we’re having is whenever this door is either on the remote or the manual push button. Somewhere in the garage, the door will start to go down, and then it’ll push back up. So It won’t be completely closed, and it won’t allow us to secure the premises. I’m going to push my remote on the wall if there that’s going to be my garage door logic board and often what happens is this will start blinking, and it allowed me to know that I am having some issue. Whether it’s going to be here at my sensors all up top where my dears are ok. I’m going to press it and you can see right away you can hear the clicking.

4 Reason Why won’t Open Your Garage Door???

1. Dirty Garage Door Sensor

Maybe happening as you can see here; this is the sensor you can see that little. When’s a cover that goes over the actual sensor and you can see how dirty it is and what happens is a lot of times after just years of buildup of dirt debris. It’ll cause the lens to be unable to read the other sensor that’s programmed to send the signal so right now because it’s dirty it’s sending a message and telling the garage logic board. I have a problem I have a restriction don’t close. So here I have a cloth, and I’m going to slightly clean my lens see we can remove all of this debris. You see all that dirt and residue that came off here you can see how shiny and cleans that lens is going to do the same procedure. you could see how dirty this lens was as well now we’re going to test our garage door

2. Make Sure Sensor Nice and Secure

Often one of the sensors on the door goes loose and so what happens with the door opening and closing opening closing. All of that excess vibration will cause one of the sensors to drop a little bit and then it’s unable to read the signal back and forth. I’m going to press the button on the wall again you want to inspect the sensors make sure when you investigate both of them. And they’re nice and secure two here on the Left sensor it’s loose so what happens is over time. It just moves, so we want to rise to cure this sensor don’t you grow to remedy the sensor go ahead and test your garage door.

3. Check Your Garage Door Wiring

I’m going to push the button then you want to inspect your sensors make sure they’re nice and secure on this side the sensor. Itself is safe you can see where the wiring came loose, and this often happens. When you have somebody who’s a homeowner or a prospect, and they’re sweeping up the area they want to clean all the dirt. They keep tugging and grabbing on the wire with their bristles, and that will cause the wire nut to come loose and allow. The cables to separate so basically to fix that you’re merely tying in the wires back making sure they’re nice and secure. Then rise curing it with your wiring or not once you’ve research area wire nuts go to test your door.

4. Garage Gears Problem

Happens because of the gears that are inside this garage centre. These gears made of plastic. After a while, they start to warp so when they open and close. They either slip, or it grabs, and it kind of vibrates too much. Whenever the board senses these type of issues it will actually as a safety mechanism keep the door from going down so here the board and you can see me applying a little bit of a pressure causing that extra vibration cause the door to come back up these are the common issues in diagnosing and troubleshooting your garage door.

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